Pattern-Oriented Trace and Log Analysis Training Pack

This comprehensive human-based pattern-oriented trace and log analysis and anomaly detection training for software technical support engineers, system and network administrators, software developers and testers, DevOps and DevSecOps, digital forensics and malware analysts, data analysts and data scientists, human-assisted AI, ML and data mining includes a training course about basic analysis patterns, 5 seminar transcripts outlining foundations and various pattern language applications, and a pattern reference for more advanced analysis patterns:

  1. Trace, Log, Text, Narrative, Data: An Analysis Pattern Reference for Information Mining, Diagnostics, Anomaly Detection, Fifth Edition
  2. Software Trace and Memory Dump Analysis: Patterns, Tools, Processes and Best Practices
  3. Software Narratology: An Introduction to the Applied Science of Software Stories
  4. Malware Narratives: An Introduction, Revised Edition
  5. Pattern-Oriented Network Trace Analysis
  6. Mobile Software Diagnostics: An Introduction
  7. Access to Software Diagnostics Library

There is an option to buy the recording of Accelerated Windows Trace and Log Analysis together with the pack.

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