Software Diagnostics Maturity Enterprise Certification

Since its foundation Software Diagnostics Services trained hundreds of engineers in pattern-driven software diagnostics including all top operating system and security solution vendors. Recently Software Diagnostics Institute introduced a range of certifications for individuals practicing software diagnostics via memory dump and software trace analysis. In addition to that we announce an enterprise level certification for software diagnostics maturity to highlight an enterprise organization capability in effective and efficient software diagnostics as a foundation for software development and maintenance, quality assurance and technical support. It has 3 levels of maturity:

Level 1

The requirement is to have at least 2 engineers trained in pattern driven software diagnostics through Software Diagnostics Services courses.

Level 2

The requirement is to have at least 2 engineers certified in at least one software diagnostics method such as memory dump or software trace analysis.

Level 3 (under development)

The requirement is to have organizational processes tailored to pattern-driven software diagnostics methodology including methods, techniques, tools and best practices.

The first level is available immediately. The second level will be available this fall with the start of memory dump analysis certification.