Pattern-Oriented Software Diagnostics and Anomaly Detection Reference Set

Pattern-oriented software diagnostics and anomaly detection, uniquely systematic and multidisciplinary, is the new approach in a long time. Described as the unified field theory of software diagnostics and anomaly detection, It encompasses and expands the whole field, offers a wider range of software diagnostic and anomaly detection possibilities, and gives a novel lens to software diagnosis and anomalies including specific guidelines for the dauntingly complex world of software problems. This 3,100-page reference set should be on the desk of every software engineer and software support problem solver. It includes:

  1. Encyclopedia of Crash Dump Analysis Patterns, Third Edition
  2. Trace, Log, Text, Narrative, Data: An Analysis Pattern Reference for Information Mining, Diagnostics, Anomaly Detection, Fifth Edition
  3. Theoretical Software Diagnostics: Collected Articles, Third Edition
  4. Software Diagnostics: The Collected Seminars (+ current and forthcoming Anniversary Editions)
  5. Fundamentals of Physical Memory Analysis: Anniversary Edition
  6. Malware Narratives: An Introduction, Revised Edition
  7. Principles of Memory Dump Analysis: The Collected Seminars (+ current and forthcoming Anniversary Editions)
  8. Memory Thinking for C & C++ Windows Diagnostics
  9. Memory Thinking for C & C++ Linux Diagnostics
  10. Access to Software Diagnostics Library

There is an option to buy 15 volumes of Memory Dump Analysis Anthology (Diagnomicon) in PDF format together with the reference set.

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