Pattern-Oriented Malware Analysis Training Pack

This training introduces novel static and dynamic malware analysis pattern languages for security researchers, system and network administrators, digital forensics and malware analysts. It includes 2 training courses, 2 seminar transcripts, and a pattern reference:

  1. Accelerated Windows Malware Analysis with Memory Dumps, Third Edition
  2. Practical Foundations of Windows Debugging, Disassembling, Reversing, Second Edition
  3. Malware Narratives: An Introduction, Revised Edition
  4. Pattern-Oriented Network Trace Analysis
  5. Trace, Log, Text, Narrative, Data: An Analysis Pattern Reference for Information Mining, Diagnostics, Anomaly Detection, Fifth Edition
  6. Access to Software Diagnostics Library
  7. Recordings

When you purchase the training pack, you additionally get a free named Software Diagnostics Library membership with access to more than 380 cross-referenced patterns of memory dump analysis, their classification, and more than 70 case studies.

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