Pattern-Oriented Windows Memory Forensics Training Pack

This comprehensive training is for security researchers, malware and digital forensic analysts who have never used WinDbg debugger from Microsoft Debugging Tools for Windows for the analysis of computer memory. The course is also useful for technical support and escalation engineers who analyse memory dumps from complex software environments and need to delve deeper into abnormal software structure and behavior. The training pack features:

  • Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Both x86 and x64 Windows versions
  • 3 training courses
  • 23 books
  • 30 hands-on exercises
  • 200 slides with comments
  • 1,200 pages of training materials
  • 5,100 pages of reference materials

This offer includes seminar transcripts, training courses, and the vast collection of patterns and case studies:

  1. Pattern-Oriented Software Forensics: A Foundation of Memory Forensics and Forensics of Things
  2. Pattern-Oriented Memory Forensics: A Pattern Language Approach, Revised Edition
  3. Fundamentals of Physical Memory Analysis: Anniversary Edition
  4. Practical Foundations of Windows Debugging, Disassembling, Reversing, Second Edition
  5. Advanced Windows Memory Dump Analysis with Data Structures, Fourth Edition, Revised
  6. Accelerated Windows Malware Analysis with Memory Dumps, Third Edition
  7. Memory Dump Analysis Anthology Volume Set (Diagnomicon)
  8. Access to Software Diagnostics Library
  9. Historical Recordings (where available)

When you purchase the training pack, you additionally get a free named Software Diagnostics Library membership with access to more than 380 cross-referenced patterns of memory dump analysis, their classification, and more than 70 case studies.

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