Accelerated Windows Malware Analysis with Memory Dumps, Second Edition

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Slides from the training

The full transcript of Software Diagnostics Services training. Learn how to navigate process, kernel, and physical spaces and diagnose various malware patterns in Windows memory dump files. The course uses a unique and innovative pattern-oriented analysis approach to speed up the learning curve. The training consists of practical step-by-step, hands-on exercises using WinDbg, process, kernel, and complete memory dumps. The training covers more than 20 malware analysis patterns. The main audience is software technical support and escalation engineers who analyze memory dumps from complex software environments and need to check for possible malware presence in cases of abnormal software behavior. The course will also be useful for software engineers, quality assurance and software maintenance engineers, security researchers, malware and memory forensics analysts who have never used WinDbg for analysis of computer memory. The second edition uses the latest WinDbg 10 version and includes the malware analysis pattern catalog reprinted from Memory Dump Analysis Anthology volumes.

  • Title: Accelerated Windows Malware Analysis with Memory Dumps: Training Course Transcript and WinDbg Practice Exercises, Second Edition
  • Authors: Dmitry Vostokov, Software Diagnostics Services
  • Publisher: OpenTask (October 2017)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 28.0 x 21.6
  • PDF/EPUB or Paperback: 312 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1908043863

When you purchase the PDF/EPUB or paperback book, you additionally get free named Software Diagnostics Library membership with access to more than 370 cross-referenced patterns of memory dump analysis, their classification, and more than 70 case studies.

The course is available in either PDF or full-color paperback or both. The retail price for the paperback includes trackable shipping and the PDF/EPUB book version.

There is an option to buy 14 volumes of Memory Dump Analysis Anthology in PDF format together with the course.

The training course also includes Historical Recording and Practical Foundations of Windows Debugging, Disassembling, Reversing PDF book (+ paperback book if you buy the paperback course version).

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