Accelerated .NET Core Memory Dump Analysis, Revised Edition

The full transcript of Software Diagnostics Services training with 9 step-by-step exercises, notes, and source code of specially created modeling applications. The course covers 19 .NET memory dump analysis patterns plus additional 19 unmanaged patterns. Learn how to analyze .NET Core 5/6 application and service crashes and freezes, navigate through memory dump space (managed and unmanaged code) and diagnose corruption, leaks, CPU spikes, blocked threads, deadlocks, wait chains, resource contention, and much more. The training consists of practical step-by-step exercises using Microsoft WinDbg debugger to diagnose patterns in 64-bit process memory dumps. The training uses a unique and innovative pattern-oriented analysis approach to speed up the learning curve. The book is based on the previous fourth edition of Accelerated .NET Memory Dump Analysis that covered .NET Core 5 and Windows 10. It is updated for the latest WinDbg from Windows 11 SDK and has a new .NET Core 6 exercise with a memory dump from Windows 11. This edition also includes a possibility to use a Docker WinDbg image with required symbol files instead of a local Debugging Tools for Windows installation. Prerequisites: Basic .NET programming and debugging. Audience: Software technical support and escalation engineers, system administrators, DevOps, performance and reliability engineers, software developers, and quality assurance engineers. The book may also interest security researchers, reverse engineers, malware and memory forensics analysts. The revised edition uses the latest WinDbg Preview for all exercise transcripts.

  • Title: Accelerated .NET Core Memory Dump Analysis, Revised Edition: Training Course Transcript and WinDbg Practice Exercises
  • Authors: Dmitry Vostokov, Software Diagnostics Services
  • Publisher: OpenTask (October 2022)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 28.0 x 21.6
  • PDF: 203 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1912636648

Table of Contents and Sample Exercise
Slides from the training

When you purchase the PDF book you additionally get free named Software Diagnostics Library membership with access to more than 370 cross-referenced patterns of memory dump analysis, their classification, and more than 70 case studies.

There is an option to buy 14 volumes of Memory Dump Analysis Anthology in PDF format together with the course.

You can purchase the PDF book only or the book with the recording of the previous training sessions, Practical Foundations of Windows Debugging, Disassembling, Reversing PDF book, and the previous Accelerated .NET Memory Dump Analysis, Fourth Edition PDF book if you need 12 .NET Framework CLR 4 exercises and associated Q&A section.

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If you are mainly interested in unmanaged process user space memory dump analysis there is another course available: Accelerated Windows Memory Dump Analysis, Fifth Edition, Revision 3, Part 1: Process User Space