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Training Courses

If you are interested in Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, seminar transcripts, and analysis pattern encyclopedias please visit our reference products page.

All our Windows training courses include Practical Foundations of Windows Debugging, Disassembling, Reversing PDF book.

Currently available:

New! Software Diagnostics Theory

Accelerated Linux Core Dump Analysis

Practical Foundations of Windows Debugging, Disassembling, Reversing

Accelerated Windows Debugging3

Accelerated Windows Memory Dump Analysis, 4th edition

Accelerated .NET Memory Dump Analysis, 2nd edition

Advanced Windows Memory Dump Analysis with Data Structures, 2nd edition

Advanced Windows RT Memory Dump Analysis, ARM edition

Accelerated Disassembly, Reconstruction and Reversing

Accelerated Windows Malware Analysis with Memory Dumps

Accelerated Windows Software Trace Analysis

Accelerated Mac OS X Core Dump Analysis, 2nd edition

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Training testimonials:

I would like to thank you and recommend your training. I think that the “Accelerated Windows Memory Dump Analysis” training is a pin-point, well taught training. I think it’s the leading training in the dump analysis area and I’ve enjoyed it, the books and materials are very detailed and well written and Dmitry answered all of the needed question. In addition after the training Dmitry sent a PDF with written answers and more information about the questions that were asked. I will give this training 5/5. Thank you Dmitry. --Yaniv Miron, Security Researcher, IL.Hack


Writing Bad Code
Advanced Software Trace and Log Analysis
Accelerated Windows Memory Forensics
The New Old Debugging
Deep Down C++
Accelerated Network Trace Analysis
Accelerated Vulnerability Analysis