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Is Your Security Healthy?

One of the goals of software diagnostics and prognostics is to prevent future faults. The security software installed on your servers may appear working fine but internally could have all sorts of abnormal software behavior from periodic Wait Chains, Blocking Modules, Spiking Threads, resource and synchronization Contention, Hooksware, and known 3rd-party Problem Modules installed long after your security software installation. For example, you just installed the brand new version of host intrusion detection software. How do you guarantee that it will defend the perimeter if its threads are critically preoccupied with dynamic memory allocation? There are too many unpredictable situations with new components and subsystems added after the service is already developed and installed. Periodic analysis of memory snapshots is required to assess internals. This can be done by checking for general diagnostic patterns from memory analysis pattern catalog developed by Software Diagnostics Institute.