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.NET Memory Dump Analysis Training Pack

New! Now includes Practical Foundations of Windows Debugging, Disassembling, Reversing PDF book.

One of the real life .NET service hang postmortem debugging scenarios: a process memory dump shows multiple threads (CLR Thread memory analysis pattern) waiting for a critical section (Wait Chain memory analysis pattern) in unmanaged user space. We identify the critical section owner thread and possible module (Top Module memory analysis pattern). But from a complete memory dump, we are able to find that the owner thread was waiting for a kernel synchronization object owned by a different CLR thread that was also waiting for the same critical section (Deadlock memory analysis pattern).

This is why it is beneficial for a .NET developer in addition to .NET managed space to know the unmanaged process, kernel and complete memory space analysis patterns for efficient diagnostics and postmortem debugging. The comprehensive .NET Memory Dump Analysis Training Pack covers all such spaces using WinDbg from Debugging Tools for Windows:

The pack features:

  • Both x86 and x64 Windows versions
  • Both kernel and user memory spaces
  • Both managed, unmanaged, and native code
  • 3 training courses
  • 13 books (16 in print version)
  • 60 hands-on exercises
  • 100 slides with comments
  • 120 questions and answers
  • 1,400 pages of training books
  • 3,700 pages of reference materials (4,100 in print version)

This offer includes training courses and access to the vast collection of patterns and case studies:

  1. Accelerated Windows Memory Dump Analysis, 4th edition
  2. Accelerated .NET Memory Dump Analysis, 2nd edition
  3. Practical Foundations of Windows Debugging, Disassembling, Reversing PDF book
  4. Memory Dump Analysis Anthology volume set
  5. Access to Software Diagnostics Library

You can buy either in PDF or paperback format with trackable shipping included (shipped from OpenTask publisher, some restrictions may apply) or both with further discounts:


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