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Software Diagnostics Services (former Memory Dump Analysis Services), based in Dublin, Ireland, provides subscription, incident-based abnormal software behavior analysis support for enterprise customers around the world. It was founded by Dmitry Vostokov, the IT industry's most respected and sought-after expert in crash dump analysis. If you have a software problem that no one can analyze, need training to get your developers, support and escalation engineers improve their troubleshooting, debugging, memory dump and software trace analysis skills or just need the expert opinion on an existing analysis report please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our team consists of experienced quality and expertise-driven Windows Internals Microsoft® Certified engineers who have analysed thousands of crash dumps from the great variety of computer systems. We utilize an innovative pattern-driven SMART* approach to the analysis of software behaviour that facilitates attention to every detail.

* SMART - Software Memory Analysis in Real Time